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Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault (GNESA)
(Our design is no longer available online.)

Screen capture from Georgia Network to End Sexual AssaultThe Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault (GNESA) is a non-profit coalition of sexual assault agencies and concerned individuals that share the common goal of ending sexual assault.

In the new site that we developed, they were using the Internet to provide help for victims of sexual assault, educate the public about the problem, and mobilize people to help eradicate sexual violence.

Screen capture of the clickable map for finding a rape crisis center in your areaA clickable map of Georgia counties (supplemented by a text list) helped victims and their friends and family find a rape crisis center near them.

This map could also be used by site visitors who want to volunteer at their local crisis center, and by community leaders looking for help with education and prevention.

Screen capture of Information Just for Educators on Sexual AssaultOne of the most useful features of the GNESA site was the Info just for ... section. This part of the site provided tailored information for teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, law enforcement, and clergy -- information that educated them about the impact that they can make on the problem of sexual assault.

There was also information tailored for teens and kids. The site was recently overhauled when the needs of the organization changed.

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